“Doctor recommended” brain entrainment duration?

I often receive questions about how long a person “should” use brainwave entrainment per day, and how often they can or should entrain their brain.

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Questions About Brainwave Entrainment

I recently received an email from a Genius Brain Power customer who asked some very good questions about brainwave entrainment. I enjoyed the conversation and I think that it can be of benefit to other people who are interested in getting the most out of brainwave entrainment, so I am including the entire email below. My responses are in blue and the original questions are in black.
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Create a superior brain through brainwave entrainment

Did you know that your brain can be exercised in order to make yourself smarter, have better memory, learn new information faster and be happier overall? People all over the world are doing exactly that, and so can you.

Brain training exercises have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason. Everyone wants to increase their intelligence so that they will be able to achieve more in their lives, and to be happier as a result. The problem is that achievement does not equate to happiness.

Rather, happiness leads to greater achievements.

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