Supplementation “secret” that can boost your brain power

I’m sure you take some supplements for your overall health, and maybe even one or two for your brain power.  Today I’m going to quickly share with you a strategy that will allow you to get much more value from the supplements that you are already taking.  This isn’t going to be a pitch for any new super brain power supplement, but simply a solid strategy that I employ every day.

Aside from purity and potency concerns when it comes to choosing supplements, one of the main challenges when supplementing is absorption rates.  It does not do your body much good to take all the best supplements if they aren’t getting absorbed into your body.  A hard, compressed vitamin pill may not fully dissolve and break down in your body.  The nutrients may not absorb in your small intestine, or may be destroyed by stomach acid.  The same is true for gel-caps.

This is why some supplement manufacturers are moving towards sub-lingual products that dissolve underneath your tongue for greater absorbency.  I currently take a D3 and B12 sublingual vitamin from a company called “Superior Source” that I find to be effective and high quality.  However, even with the sublingual increase in absorbency, I knew there was a way to get even greater nutrient assimilation.

Enter the “magic secret” ingredient:  DMSO.  You have probably at least heard of DMSO before, and maybe even used it in the past.  For those who aren’t familiar with it, DMSO is a solvent that quickly penetrates human skin and carries anything dissolved in it into the tissues.  DMSO stands for Dimethyl Sulfoxide, and it is an “organosulfur compound” meaning it is sulfur based.  Sulfur is an extremely important ingredient in human biological chemistry, but it is usually lacking in most people’s bodies.  DMSO has some amazing properties in relation to pain relief when applied to the body.

However, the big problem with DMSO is that it smells very, very bad.  Imagine if garlic and broccoli had a child, then multiply that by 100.  That’s what “industrial grade” DMSO smells like.  Fortunately, I found a company online ( is their web address) that makes a very high grade 70% DMSO product that is mixed with honey to eliminate the bad smell.  I have literally slathered this stuff over 90% my body in self-experimentation, with no ill effects whatsoever.  In fact, all kinds of small aches and pains from over-exercising disappeared with regular DMSO application.

I also have taken this solution orally, and the taste isn’t too objectionable.  This brings us back to the supplementation.  Several months ago I started experimenting with dissolving my sublingual vitamins along with a half teaspoon (about 2.5ml) of DMSO under my tongue and holding the mixture there for a minute or so before swallowing it.  Doing this with 1,000-2,000iu of B12 twice per week produces rapid, noticeable increases in mental clarity and energy that last throughout the week for me.  This has been an ongoing effect, not something that faded away within a week or two.

B12 is sadly lacking in nearly everyone’s body, so supplementation is a must if you are looking to achieve maximum brain efficiency.  I recommend that you seek out “methylcobalamin” for supplemental B12 instead of the more common “cyanocobalamin” which is much less useful to the brain.  I have been using Superior Source’s methylcobalamin with good results that include better response to the brainwave entrainment frequencies in Genius Brain Power as well as overall increases in mental clarity.

I also chew up my tablet supplements with a half teaspoon or so of DMSO in order to attain a significant sublingual effect that is normally impossible to achieve with hard tablets.  The two tablet supplements that I take most often are Zinc and Selenium, and I have found that I can take about 50% less of them due to the DMSO absorption enhancement.

If you’re feeling like you are wasting money on supplements, you probably are.  Try the DMSO experiment for yourself and see if you notice better absorption of your supplements.  I recommend that you get your DMSO from, as the regular stuff smells incredibly bad and tastes worse.  I am not affiliated with their company in any way, I am simply a happy customer.

If you have wanted to try brainwave entrainment but didn’t think you would see results, try adding B12, D3 and DMSO to your daily supplementation.  You may find that your brain becomes much more responsive to entrainment once these nutrients are brought up to better levels.

I can’t tell you how much of these supplements to take, as that depends on your biology.  Test it out for yourself and see what you get.  I personally take 2,000 or 3,000iu of B12 per day and have gone as high as 5,000iu per day with only positive effects.  I take 10,000iu of D3 per day because I live in the cloudy Pacific Northwest USA.   Everybody is different, so please tailor your supplement intake to your unique biology.

All the best,
Cameron Day

11 comments to Supplementation “secret” that can boost your brain power

  • Deeago

    Hi! I’ve some problems and hope that your product can help them to recover. I’m very creative guy with good cognition traits. But I’m not a real time reactor. I mean to say I need some time to reply in intelligent way whenever talking with other people. Some friends of mine are very adept in doing conversation with people and guess what, they influence people. However, I’m also good while chatting through internet or mobile, because I get some time to react with others’ conversations. My brain’s processing speed is slow I guess… And of course I’ve another problem regarding with my confidence level. Whenever I got to deal with mass of people it feels uneasy to me… So, will Brainwave solve my problems? If it really does, which sort of brainwaves like IQ Increase, Deep Theta/Delta, Gamma etc going to help me? Thank You very much and have a great day!

  • Yes, you can certainly improve your reaction time with GBP. You’ll want to use the meditation tracks as well as IQ Increase, Laser Focus and Exercise & Peak Performance, which entrain at a higher frequency and promote new neural synapses to form in your brain. For meditation, Theta can help you to access the areas of your sub-conscious programming that affect your confidence. Be patient with it, as changing your brain is a process. Just be consistent with it, think long-term and you will see results.

  • Deeago

    thank you sir for your prompt reply…thank you very much!

  • Stellina

    I was curious to know if the Genius Brain Power program is suitable for children. I have 12 year old twins and a 10 year old. I am also interested in teaching them about meditation as I have somewhat recently discovered its tremendous benefits. I’ve been meditating daily using various brain entrainment tracks but I’m hesitant about allowing my children to use them. Is it safe? Any additional tips on introducing children to meditation would be greatly appreciated. As you know it can be difficult for a child and pre-teens to learn to meditate effectively.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yes, children will benefit from GBP. Just start them off slowly with no more than 30 minutes a day at first and don’t push them to do too much. Make it fun for them, and they will gain tremendously.

  • Deeago

    Is it possible to listen both meditation tracks Alpha in day time and Theta before bed time along with a daily use of IQ Increase Track? Thank u!

  • Yes, that would probably be fine. I recommend making one of your two meditation sessions 30 minutes to keep the total meditation entrainment time at 90 minutes per day. That coupled with IQ Increase once or twice per day should produce excellent results.

  • I have heard that niacinamide (vitamin B3) is beneficial in brain entrainment and over all brain health. Would that work with the recommendations you’ve stated above?

  • Yes, all the B vitamins are beneficial to brain function, mitochondrial energy production and overall health. A good multi-vitamin that you can chew or open a capsule will work with DMSO. It will probably taste bad, but it only lasts a minute.

  • Rosemarie

    Hi Cameron, and thanks.
    Experimented with GBP for the first time yesterday. Open music – relaxation, great. 30min deep delta with earbuds before bedtime. Also drank the water & salt. Slept well. Awoke to an exceptionally vivid dream. The crux of the dream was the mass hang up on the crucifiction, totally missing the prize – the ascension. Being spiritual vs ‘born again’ it was a hoot. Also remembered that even as an 8yr old I kept on about the ascension, however everyone else was masturbating on, about, with the cross. was most frustrating even then.
    anyway this morning listened to easy relaxation. Am a little overstimulated. Have always been really sensitive. Am excited to see how I’ll do at work later to-day.
    When Reading your description of the deep delta balancing the amygdala & hypothalamus it was an answer to the quest. A car wreck & some medical misdiagnose left me with frequent seizures. Recovered myself with supplements & alternative methods. However the central nervous system is still on constant alarm. So this should do the trick. Still have some DMSO left from an earlier experimental healing trial. This should be an invigorating experimentation. Know it will work since we did neurofeedback with closedhead injuries, ADD, ADHD ect during the 90′ with good results. If you have any other suggestions, wer’e open. I’m excited, thanks again.

  • brain power

    Thank you for that useful information. DMSO is quite interesting and this is actually the first time I heard of it. Are there any kind of reported adverse effect from taking DMSO?