“Doctor recommended” brain entrainment duration?

I often receive questions asking how long a person “should” use brainwave entrainment per day, and how often they can or should entrain their brain.

I also get the occasional question, “What do doctors recommend” regarding brainwave entrainment.

I don’t have a “doctor recommended” protocol because there are very few doctors who are interested in brainwave entrainment outside of simply measuring brain changes during entrainment.  I could probably pay a doctor to endorse the product and give a recommendation, but phony endorsements aren’t my style.

However, based on extensive testing and user feedback, I make “intelligent usage” recommendations in the user’s manual for Genius Brain Power.

As for negative effects, I have personally pushed the envelope with entrainment to see if I could over do it and produce harmful side effects in myself.  When I hit 4 or more continuous hours of entrainment while sleeping, I found that I felt “groggy” the next day and that my focus wasn’t as sharp as it normally would be.  This passed within 8 or so hours, after which I felt fine again.

I have also over-done the IQ Increase track to see what would happen, and the worst side effect was that my mind was “racing” too fast.

This is why I prescribe intelligent limits on the usage of the entrainment tracks in the user’s manual.

I can assure you, dear reader, that this technology is safe, yet very powerful.  It can take some time to see results, but if you use it consistently according to the guidelines in the manual, I can guarantee you will notice positive results within a month that will continue with ongoing usage.

I can practically hear some of you thinking, “Why don’t you tell me NOW how much brain entrainment you recommend so I can find out before I buy?”

Sure, I can do that.  It’s not exactly top secret, but please bear in mind that the excerpt below is taken out of context from the rest of the user’s manual.

The Best Way to Start Your Brain Entrainment

It is important to gently ease yourself into brainwave entrainment.  GBP’s entrainment frequencies are VERY powerful, and if you push too hard too fast, you may experience unwanted brain fatigue.

I recommend that you begin with the 30 or 60 minute Easy Relaxation / Alpha Light Meditation for 5-7 days as the low frequency component of your entrainment regimen.

For your higher frequency stimulation, listen to IQ Increase and Laser Focus & Creative Ambition one time each during your day as you work, commute, run errands, etc.

After you are comfortable with the Light Alpha Relaxation / Meditation, you can move to the Deep Theta tracks.

Use a 30 or 60 minute Theta Profound Relaxation / Deep meditation track a maximum of once per day for 5-7 days while continuing to listen to IQ Increase and Laser Focus & Creative Ambition once per day.

After a week of using Theta, you are ready to experience Delta Ultra Deep Meditation tracks. Just like with Theta, use a 30 or 60 minute Extreme Relaxation / Delta Ultra Deep Meditation track a maximum of once per day in addition to listening to IQ Increase and Laser Focus & Creative Ambition once per day with your eyes open.

After you have experienced the Delta frequencies for 5-7 days, I recommend that you alternate between Alpha, Theta & Delta sessions (30 or 60 minutes) as you continue to listen to IQ Increase and Laser Focus one time per day.

Cameron Day

10 comments to “Doctor recommended” brain entrainment duration?

  • Peter

    I am 12 years old and have been interested in binaural beats for a time. I know this is both different and more powerful than ordinary binaural beats so I was wondering if my age would have an impact on my brain if I was to use GBP?

  • Hi Peter,

    Because of your young age, you should talk to your parents about brainwave entrainment and make them part of your entrainment process. I recommend that you start off very slowly with the IQ Increase and Laser Focus tracks. Use them only 3 times per week to start, and only add more entrainment time after you have spent 1-2 weeks at that level of usage.

    Be sure to use the deeper meditation tracks to balance out your entrainment frequencies as well.


  • Peter

    It is me again. I have been using the entrainment tracks lately including the gamma mediation and i decided to do some research on gamma waves. Due to gamma waves being faster than beta waves, can i least to the track while doing a task like IQ Increase and Laser Focus?

  • Hi Peter,

    Gamma is pretty intense, and you should work your way up to it slowly. You can listen to it while doing other tasks, and I use some Gamma frequencies in the “Peak Performance” bonus track as well. However, for the most potent benefits, Gamma is best done in a relaxing, meditative state.

  • I’ve been using brain wave entertainment since May of 2010 for my fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. I used the BWE three times a day for three days and was pain free, fibrofog free, depression free and went off 6 different medications that I had been taking for five years. Even my thyroid managed to heal itself and I had been taking Synthroid for over 10 years when I suddenly started to throw it up. My TSH is in the normal ranges if you go by the old standards but is mid range according to new standards. Everything else is normal.

    I had to do another series of BWE’s in October of 2010 and I haven’t had to any since. I do the focus and creativity BWE’s once a week. I love them!!! I am actually almost back to doing the things I had done before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis in 1999.

  • Markus


    I have a question for you Angela if that’s ok.
    Which of the BWE did you use and how long was each of the sessions?


  • siddartha siddu

    hiiiii cameroon,

    i wanna know that by constant use of this product can we acheive an iq of 180

  • It depends on where you are starting from, and what other measures you take to increase your IQ. Brainwave Entrainment alone probably won’t get you there, unless you’re starting at 160. However, with consistent usage in balance with your brain’s needs, you can expect to see a noticeable, testable increase.

  • Aradhna

    Hi Cameron,
    I want to use your product on my 4 yr old son since i think he has problems with attention span and more impotantly with what i perceive to be very average or slightly below average IQ. How can i use the product to maximze the effect and what can i expect to see.
    My so was a complcated delivery and had stopped growing in the womb at week 28 the delivery happened at week 38 and i think that has affected some things. I come from from a family of meditators and intellectuals and do not think this is a geneti issue. Can you help. I just downloaded your product a few hours ago. Also i have an 18 month old born as a normal delivery and is really quite advanced. Any thoughts on hoew to use the product with her as well.

  • Hi Aradhna,

    You can use GBP’s tracks with him, but be sure to take it very slowly. Just a little IQ increase 3-5 days a week, a little bit of Alpha or Theta relaxation at night, and some Laser Focus when you want to help him focus on learning. Increase the entrainment time very gradually. Over time, you should notice more creativity and focus from him as his neural complexity increases.

    At his age, eating plenty of food and micro-nutrients is going to be a big factor in his neural and physical development. If he’s the kind of kid that doesn’t like to eat, or if you are vegetarian, you’ll need to help him eat more calories. Surplus calories are needed for growth in the brain and body, so help him eat as much as he can.

    Try highly palatable foods like whole organic (or raw grass-fed) milk warmed up and lightly sweetened with organic sugar or organic blackstrap molasses, organic mashed potatoes with butter & cream, baked sweet potatoes with butter and honey, etc. Make sure all low-calorie dishes like lentils and vegetables have plenty of organic butter on them. Also, the foods that kids like to eat: ice cream, pancakes, pizza, peanut butter & jelly, etc should be included to help maintain a high enough caloric intake. If he likes eggs, pastured / truly free range eggs are excellent brain food.

    Use organic foods as much as possible, as these tend to have higher mineral content, but don’t restrict his diet too much. 100% organic isn’t necessary, and it’s too stressful to maintain. Aim for 80% organic and enjoy the food you eat as much as possible.

    Spray magnesium oil on his skin at night too, as magnesium deficiency can diminish neural activity.