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Meditation Techniques

Simply put meditation is the practice of training the brain into a mode of consciousness to realize a desired state. For centuries people have practiced many types of meditation to improve their lives by reducing stress and achieving higher levels of energy and alertness. Often linked with religion, in particular Buddhism, meditation is now commonly practiced by nearly 10% of all Americans and in even greater numbers worldwide. Since meditation deals with structuring the human brain it is very similar to brain entrainment techniques and when studying the different methods of synchronizing the brain with external frequencies the potential to reach enlightened states of consciousness increases.

People meditate for many reasons: to reach a state of inner calm, to re-energize their bodies and mind, to achieve deep relaxation and to stir creativity. Today, due in large part to the increasing stress being put on people's lives many people are apt to try meditation in order to relieve the growing tension in their lives. Some of the more common meditation techniques include mindfulness meditation, breath watching, walking meditation, empty mind meditation and transcendental meditation. Whether involving the body and mind, chanting or visualization meditation is used to balance a person's physical, mental and emotional well being.

The benefits of meditation depends on the person practicing it and to what extent they are able to achieve their meditative goals but in addition to achieving a relaxed state of mind people who meditate may be able to relieve insomnia, lower their blood pressure, stop smoking and cure other maladies and habits that prevent them for leading happy and fulfilling lives. Quieting the mind is not easy to do but when one reaches a state of calm and clarity the gains can be very impressive to both physical and mental well being.

Though brain entrainment is not technically meditation is does produce similar effects and for many people is much easier to practice. Being able to re-wire the brain through specific stimuli has helped many people reduce anxiety and stress and clear their minds enough to be more creative and productive. No matter what technique you choose for meditation including isochronic tones and brainwave entrainment can be a great help in quieting your mind and achieving real and lasting relaxation.

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