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Isochronic Tones

In brain training meditation and brainwave entrainment many people have used binaural and monaural beats to try to achieve different states of either relaxation or productivity. However recent research and individual studies have shed more light on the effectiveness of what are called isochronic tones, or a regular beat of a single tone. Some believe the brain entrains more easily to the very distinct, clearly separated sound pulses of isochronic tones making it easier for the person to get into the desired alpha, theta and delta states of mind.

A common problem many brain entrainment practitioners have encountered with binaural beats is that the brain tends to recognize these tones, adapts to the beats and in time learns to ignore the frequencies. When this happens, the person practicing meditation or brain entrainment will notice what worked before to induce states of calm and relaxation no longer have the same effect. With isochronic tones or beats there is less chance of the brain adapting to the pulses and therefore the user can continue to see results and improve their brains ability to focus.

In meditation and brain entrainment methods the goal is often the same, visualization and manifestation. The idea is to relax your body and mind to a state where you can visualize what is you want (peace, calm, creativity, etc…) and then "tune" in to the frequencies that are in harmony with achieving such states to manifest your wants. Most people find it very difficult to focus because so much else is on their mind. Getting a person to clear their hectic brains for even a minute can be a very daunting task as we are constantly thinking and problem solving throughout our waking and sleeping hours. But with the use of isochronic tones it is possible to shut off the white noise of life and tune in to specific audio tracks that synchronize with the frequencies that can lead directly to relaxation or creativity.

Brainwave entrainment and isochronic tones are not magic tricks that one can simply snap on and see instant results. Like meditation it takes regular practice to entrain the brain to tune into the desired frequencies and keep that state going after the listening session is over. But the more one uses isochronic beats in brain training and brain entrainment exercises the more results people often notice.

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